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You have been tasked (or maybe you volunteered) to organize a fundraiser for your fine arts group, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start.  Here is a brief checklist to put you on the right track to get you started.

1.  Set the fundraising goal for your group.

Be active, but realistic in setting a financial goal.  Base your goal on what the group raised in prior years and make sure you consider a reasonable level of participation when projecting your goal.

2.  Set your participants up for success.

Your job is to equip your team with the best resources to keep them motivated in reaching the goal.

3.  Communicate.

Do your best to educate your participants on all that’s involved in the fundraiser, including the reason you are asking for donations, how many donations are realistically needed, and what the reward is for those who donate.  And it’s not just participants that need to share! Send your organizational link to your friends and family as well! 

4.  Monitor the progress.

Now that your fundraiser is underway, be sure to stay on top on your progress and update your team. Measuring your progress is important in motivating your team to keep selling.  Let them know how close they are to reaching their goal!

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